Best Western Hartford Hotel & Suites

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185 Brainard Road
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone:860) 525-1000
Phone:(860) 525-2990


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Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

Approaching the Best Western Hartford Hotel & Suites one finds four welcoming up Front Handicap parking spaces and two accessible spots to the rear. The front entrance offers power doors. Rear exits are not power operated.

The hotel, located 2.6 mi (4.2 km) from Trinity College and 6.6 mi (10.6 km) from St. Joseph College offers a total number of 129 rooms.  A wheel chair occupant will find an accessible front lobby desk at a height of 35”, plus a convenient computer in the lobby at a height of 31”, plus a nearby Conference Room. A fitness area and a laundry area are available, and an indoor ATM is provided.

The total number of accessible rooms  is 4. All are spacious, with 2 on the first floor and two on the second floor, reached by two elevators. The accessible room critiqued here is # 102. First noticed is the accessible peep hole in the door. All accessible rooms have king size beds, height 28”, with no cots offered! Bed side table height is 28”, and desk height is 30”. Unfortunately, the coat hanger rails in the closet are too high to be wheelchair accessible . Through a bathroom doorway,  width 35”, a roll-in shower with a lip is discovered. The lip, however, is rubber, which adjusts down with wheel chair pressure. Other bathroom amenities are an emergency phone, sink height of 34”, toilet height of 18”, 38” high toilet hand rail, and a 34” high shower hand rail.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):


  • Front Desk Height 35” / Accessible
  • Office Area Computer Height 31”
  • Accessible Room # 102
  • Sink Height 34”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 38”
  • Shower Hand Bar Height 34”
  • Bathroom Doorway Width 35”
  • Bed Height 28”
  • Bed Table Height 28”
  • Desk Height 30”
  • Roll-in Shower


The Best Western Hartford Hotel and Suites, Hartford CT, rates 8 out 10 for accessibility.


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