Four Points By Sheraton

Hotels Massachusetts



3800 State Highway
Eastham, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 255- 5000
Fax: (508) 240- 1870


Individual room reservations

Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

Four Points, a Sheraton-owned hotel, is located just off Route 6 in Eastham. Upon arrival, you can find nine accessible parking spots: three in front of Bellamy’s Bar and Grill, two at the rear of the building, and 4 at the front.

The front entrance is touchless power accessible. 

The front desk is also accessible, with a height of 34’.

Bellamy’s Bar and Grill is the hotel restaurant—a newly renovated venue that is accessible from the hotel lobby or from the front parking area. The restaurant also connects to the hotel breakfast area. While the venue is generally accessible from multiple entry points, the bar is unfortunately not of accessible height for someone who uses a wheelchair.

For the review, we have toured room #103. This room offered a King Bed and had a roll-in shower. The latter includes a shower wand.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Measurement Details:

  • Bed Height (27’)
  • Door Width (34.50’)
  • Bathroom Door Width (35’)
  • Bed Side Table Height (25’)
  • Desk Height (28’) Bottom (29.50’) Top
  • Closet Height (45’)
  • Sink Height (33.50’) Top (25’) Bottom
  • Toilet Height (16.50’)
  • Toilet Handrail Height (34.50’)
  • Shower Handrail Height (34.50’)

Hotel Amenities:

The hotel offers two pools, one indoors and the other outside. There is also a fitness area, as well as two outdoor tennis courts. The on-premise office area offers two computers. The desk height is 30’ top and 28.50’ bottom.


We rated the hotel and nine out of ten for accessibility. The parking lot is completely flat. The rooms are large and in new condition. Friendly staff and great location.


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