Comfort Inn Wethersfield

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1330 Silas Deane Highway
Weathersfield, CT 06109
Tele: (860) 563- 2311
Fax: (860) 529-2974


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The Wethersfield, Connecticut Comfort Inn provides five up-front handicapped-accessible parking spots. Both the front and rear doors are touchless power-accessible. Sadly, the front desk is inaccessible at a height of 47 inches.

The Comfort Inn has four floors, connected by two elevators. The hotel offers only two handicapped-accessible rooms, both of which have roll-in showers.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Accessible Room Measurement Details:

  • Door width (34.75”)
  • Bed height (28”)
  • Closet height (46”) Accessible: yes
  • Desk height (31”) top
  • Bathroom door width (35”)
  • Sink Height (33.50”) top (28.25”) bottom
  • Toilet height (19”)
  • Toilet handrail height (36”)
  • Shower handrail height (36”)
  • Shower wand: yes
  • Roll-in shower: yes

The Wethersfield Comfort Inn offers a unisex accessible washroom on the first floor.  The hotel features a fitness area as well as a pool; the pool is not accessible.  

The fourth floor houses a medium-sized conference area.  Two accessible washrooms are located outside the conference area.  The Comfort Inn also provides an accessible business area, containing one computer.  The desk height is (36”) top and (30”) bottom.


We rated the Comfort Inn in Wethersfield, Connecticut a seven and a half for accessibility. The hotel is conveniently located near many dining options.


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