Holiday Inn Portsmouth

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300 Woodbury Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone:(603) 501-3775
Fax:(603) 431-2065


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Welcome to America’s Diner
Open 24/7
Phone: (603) 298-5922

Address: 261 Plainfield Road
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Phone: 603.646.8071

Address: Two East Wheelock Street
Hanover, NH 03755

Holiday Inn Portsmouth is located within a 10-minute drive of Water Country and Jackson House Museum, and is 10.8 miles from the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and 12.3 miles from Long Sands Beach.

This hotel offers four accessible, parking spots up front with additional free parking and a Power Censor touch-less Accessible Front Door.

The Front Desk Height is an Accessible 33”. Near the front desk there is an office area providing One Computer with Desk Height 36” top, 29” bottom.

Braille Signage is offered throughout the hotel.

The First Floor Washrooms are not accessible.

There is a conference area.

Fitness Area and Pool are accessible, though closed due to Covid.

A Dining Area is accessible with American cuisine available at Table 21, a restaurant featuring a bar/lounge.  Though the bar is not an accessible height, the bar area is accessible, via a ramp.

There are six accessible rooms—three Doubles, two Kings and one Queen, two of which have roll-in showers.

Toured Accessible and hearing-impaired room # 418

This room has an accessible peep hole. The bathroom, does not have an Emergency Phone.

In this room, the shower area has a five-and-a-half inch lip. A Shower Wand is offered.

This room provides a hearing-impaired light and Accessible Curtain Handles

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):


  • Accessible Room Door Width 34.75”
  • Bed Height 27”
  • Desk Height top 30.50”, bottom 25.25”
  • Bureau Height 36”
  • Bathroom Door Width 34.50”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 34”
  • Accessible Closet, with a height of 44”.
  • Room does not have connecting door to adjoining room

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