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The University of California at Los Angeles, founded in 1919, known as both a college and a university, is the largest UC campus in terms of enrollment, and one of the few U.S. public research institutes located in a major city. UCLA a addresses societal needs and diversity for a total enrollment (2018) of 44,947, including 30,873 undergrads, and 14,074 graduate students, including medical and dentistry interns and residents. Renowned faculty instruct in ever increasing fields of learning encouraging excellence and innovation in Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Architecture, Theatre, Film, Television, Engineering, Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and much more, adding up at last count to 337 possible disciplines.

The huge campus is spread over 400 acres on two different hills and hard to do justice to in one tour. One side of campus is residential and the other side is educational buildings.  The middle area, houses massive athletic facilities, and a student health center. There are many new and modernized buildings which are completely accessible, particularly within the residential area. Among buildings available to our tour are the following:

Sproul Landing. The tour began outside this residential area.  Starting with a handicap accessible parking spot, moving through a patio, down a path to the dorm itself, newly built and accessible.  Although the tour did not include interior access into any dorms, Sproul Landing Residential, is totally accessible, offering a push button power front entrance, plus an exterior ramp entrance. The interior of the residence provides accessibility via elevator.  

To the rear of Sproul Hall, is Bruin Plate Tower Garden, a food option which is on a patio. This huge dining area is known for healthy fare, with multitudes of varied food options available. The front entrance offers a push button power door.  (See photo.) There is also a lower entrance available, connecting through the Robin & Albert Carnesale Commons. This is accessible, via an elevator to

Bruin Plate which connects to the side walk. There is a student center here as well.

Entering the central athletic area we find Elvin C. Drake Stadium, the UCLA tennis stadium, with completely accessible seating, along with accessible washrooms.  (See photos of entrance, viewing area and bleacher seating.)

Historic Edwin Pauley Pavilion, built in 1965, and recently renovated, is an indoor athletic area, including a basketball court and seating able to accommodate large tournament crowds.  An underground parking garage is located across from the pavilion.

John Wooden Center Gym, a recreational area, offering tread mills, free weights, gym, and basketball area, but no pool. Entrance is accessible via a push button power door.  Elevators provide access inside.

(See photo of the front lobby.)  

Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center, is an older looking building, though accessible.

The front entrance is accessible via an elevator. (See photo.) Plus, a ramp runs along the side entrance.  In addition to health facilities, the building offers a Student Activities Center. (See photo of side entrance, which is accessible via a push button power door.  This entrance accesses from the basement, which offers a small study area, that is connected to a central elevator. The second floor offers an accessible pool, along with an accessible washroom.  On this floor is also found a Computer Lab and a lounge. The building also offers a gym, with basketball courts. The front entrance, is accessible by way of a ramp, although the front doors are not power accessible.  There is an elevator alongside the building which connects to an underground parking garage.

The Ackerman Union Building, is accessible by elevators, which connect to a parking garage.  The building offers numerous food options, a pharmacy, ATM’s, and an information desk.  The food options include Jamba Juice, Taco Bell, Kikka Sushi, Carl’s Jr., and Bruin Buzz Coffee Bar. The UCLA School Store is located in the lower part of the Ackerman Union Building. The upper level offers push button power accessible entrance.  At the time of visit, the store was closed.

Elevated walkways, on a cat walk formation, (see photo) lead to the other side of the campus, where

Powell Library is located.

Powell Library is accessible via sidewalks.  The front entrance offers a push button, power accessible door.  The front lobby computer area, on second floor, is accessible by stairs or handicap lift which connects to main elevator. (See photos.) The main elevator on the second floor connects to the basement and the third floor.  

Haines Hall, home to Asian American Studies, offers eight handicap parking spots, out front.  It is handicap accessible from the rear.

North Campus Student Center, offers food options though does not provide a power accessible entrance.   Northern Lights is located next to the North Campus Student Center.  This cafe style restaurant offers panini sandwiches, along with North Pole yogurt, among other dining options.  At the time of the visit the restaurant was closed. The front entrance is accessible via a ramp entrance although there is no power accessible door.

Young Research Library, is the newest library at UCLA.  The front entrance, which is accessible by way of a ramp and power accessible, touchless front doors.  (See photo.) The library offers six elevators, which connect to the five floors, including the basement.  There is a cafe in the lobby, along with an ADA compliant computer work station on the first floor, plus an information desk.  On the first floor of the library are located private enclosed study areas, along with open study areas. The first floor also provides accessible washrooms.  On floor A, which is the library basement, are found periodicals, special collections, maps, and current newspapers. The second floor, houses the Human Resources Department and University Archives. On the third floor are found General Works, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, American and European History areas of study. On the fourth floor Social Science, Law, and Education volumes are located. The fifth floor is home to works of Language, Literature, and Medicine, plus technology journals.

Acosta Athletic Training Complex, an 8,000 square foot, facility providing state of the art spa and rehabilitation equipment, whirlpools, and an aquatic pool. This complex offers a ramp to the front entrance, leading to a touchless censor front door. (See photo.)  From the lobby one can access the second floor via an elevator. The lobby offers a performance nutrition area, along with accessible washroom.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):


UCLA campus is rated an eight of ten for handicapped accessibility.


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