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Street: 3 Speedwell Avenue
City: Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: (973) 647- 1234
Fax: (973) 292- 7562


Individual room reservations

Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

The Hyatt Regency Morristown at Headquarters Plaza is located less than one mile from the historic Morristown Green and within walking distance to many restaurants, movie theaters, churches, and other places of interest. There are 256 total guest rooms, with 11 rooms designated for universal design / handicapped accessibility.

When arriving at Hyatt Regency front entrance there is a porte – cochere where you can unload your vehicle, and a attendant will offer his or her assistance. Following a large smooth walkway are two fully automated sliding doors that lead into the hotel.
Once inside there is a vast open area, with a smooth large title floor leading to the reservation desk. The reservation desk is on an acceptable height, allowing for the viewing of the hotel staff.

From the reservation desk it is only a short distance to the push button elevator.At your desired floor, get off the elevator and there is hard carpet leading to your room.

The eleven handicap accessible rooms offer a mix of three rooms with roll in showers, and eight rooms with shower tubs. When entering room number (403) there is tile floor which leads to hard carpet, in the spacious bedroom. There is plenty of room to maneuver on either side of the bed, which sits at a friendly (23”) height. On each side of the bed are bedside tables, (28”) one with a telephone and one with an alarm clock.
The light switches for the lamps are a bit difficult to reach from your bed, but manageable. On the wall to the left of the bed is a large window above a sizable desk, (28”) with plenty of room to move underneath. There is a small conveniently located refrigerator under the left extension to the desk. On the wall at the end of the bed is a large flat screen television with three dresser style drawers at acceptable height.(30.50”)

To the right of the television, is an adjoining door, to room number (404). Past the door leading back towards the bathroom is an open standing coat rack with an iron and ironing table. Across from the coat rack is the bathroom door, (37”) which has an easy to turn handle. In the bathroom on the right wall is a floating sink (27”), with easy to turn fixtures. The toilet (16”), is at the end of the wall leaving plenty of space to access. There are grab-bars (36”) behind the toilet. Across from the toilet is a shower tub with several accommodating grab-bars inside. The shower offers both a shower wand and a shower head with easy to control fixtures. This bathroom has suitable space for a wheelchair user to turn 360 degrees when the door is closed.

Other amenities at the Hyatt Regency include a health club, and indoor pool with out an accessible lift, sauna complimentary wireless internet, concierge services, restaurant / bar, gift shop / newsstand, 31,000 square feet of conference center and meeting rooms, round trip airport shuttle, as well as free self parking.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Measurements of Room # (403):

  • Front Door Handle 39”
  • Front Door Width 34”
  • Bed Height 23”
  • Bedside Table Height 28”
  • Desk Height Underneath 28”
  • Desktop 29.50”
  • Entertainer Center / Dresser Drawers 30.50”
  • Climate Control 45”
  • Light Switch Entrance 42”
  • Peephole 45.50”
  • Bathroom Door Handle 39”
  • Toilet Height 16”
  • Toilet Grab Bar Height 36”
  • Sink Underneath 27”
  • Sink Top 33”
  • Bathroom Light Switch 37”
  • Grab Bar, End of Tub 35”
  • Grab Bar, Left Side of Tub 33.50”
  • Grab Bar, under shower controls 37”
  • Shower Wand Height 28”


Overall we rated the Hyatt Regency Morristown, NJ with and 8 out of 10 for accessibility.


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