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45 Upper College Road
Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: (401) 874-1000

The University of Rhode Island is a public research University, with the 1,200-acre main campus in Kingston, Rhode Island. Mascot Rhody the Ram urges you to Think Big in a small state.  #3 among Most Beautiful Coastal Colleges, the verdant campus is located 15 minutes from the ocean, and not distant from Providence, Boston, or even New York City.

Due to the Covid pandemic, access to some of the facilities was limited, but assessment of accessibility features was facilitated. Underlined buildings were viewed and/or evaluated.

Robert J. Higgins Welcome Center, offers ten accessible parking spots out front, a push button accessible front door, and accessible washrooms throughout. Although closed at time of visit, the Welcome Center points the way to our self-guided tour with a helpful map. 

The first open building is Quinn Hall, housing the College of Health Science. The exterior provides two accessible power push button power doors. Inside are classrooms and a lecture hall on the first floor. An elevator connects all three floors. The washrooms on the first-floor offer push button power accessible doors.

Nearby we find Memorial Union. This extremely useful structure houses the bookstore, cafeteria, and a Dunkin Donuts, plus a mail service, a salon, and an eye care service. For your cash needs, on the first floor you will find an ATM along with the Rhode Island Credit Union. Additional food options are “FujiSan Sushi”, and a small market on the lower level called “Rams Snack Shack”. Elevators connect all floors and accessible washrooms are available throughout.

Across the quadrangle we find Ballentine Hall where Business Analytic departments are located. The building welcomes us with push button accessible front and rear doors. Among the many courses taught in Ballentine Hall are:  Application for Microcomputer Software for Business, Customer Analytics, End user Development for Business Analytics, Working with Messy Data and Management of Databases. Computer Lab happens on the Second Floor and the Deans office is on the third floor. One elevator connects all three floors.

Nearby is the Robert L. Carothers Library and Learning Center, which although closed at the time, offers push button power accessible doors, elevators, connecting all the floors, and accessible washrooms throughout.

A short distance away is Avedisian Hall which houses Pharmaceutical Studies and the CVS Health Professional Practice Laboratory. The entrance offers push button power accessible doors. Throughout this building are labs and lecture rooms with push button power doors on all levels. Elevators connect, all four floors.

If you are a techie, don’t miss the Chester H. Kirk Center for Advanced Technology. Although the front entrance is not power accessible to the rear of the building, there is a side power accessible entrance. An elevator connects to the second floor.

Nearby a small mall area offers food options, two markets, and a Dunkin Donuts, plus a Subway restaurant, a sushi restaurant, and a school tuck shop. A Citizen Bank ATM is also available.

The Beck Baseball Field was visited (see photos).

The Meade Stadium, football field was also visited (see photos).

The Gym and Rec Center were both closed.


The University of Rhode Island at Kingston campus rates an eight and half for accessibility. The campus is flat with minor hills. There are a number of new accessible buildings.


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