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The University of New Hampshire established in 1866, is located in Durham, a historic small town, settled in 1635. The widespread campus dominates and surrounds the town. Departments are located in various clusters. Total campus enrollment is 15,398, approximately doubling the population of the town. The UNH campus is highly accessible, offering many options for people with disabilities. While much of the campus is quite new, many of the historic older buildings have been renovated to be made accessible. Among the buildings critiqued are the student center, a cafeteria, a library, a departmental building, a dorm and the recreational center.

Memorial Union Building, is a central student center, offering many amenities, including a student store, post boxes, various options for food, lounges with computers, an ATM machine, and an information desk. Through the use of convenient ramps and elevators, everything in the Union is accessible, including washrooms. Both front and rear entrances can be entered and exited via power accessible doors.

Holloway Hall is a main dining area, whose three floors are accessed via elevator. The front of the building offers handicapped accessible parking, and power push-button doors are available to the front and side. In the main lobby a Dunkin Donuts, and a locker area are located. To the left of the lobby is the main dining room. The floor surface is both carpet and tile.

After the great food, it’s time to hit the books, but on our way to the Dimond Library, we make a side stop at the English department in Hamilton Smith Hall. It’s easy to park in front of Hamilton Smith Hall, due to the numerous handicap parking spots, and it’s easy to get in thanks to accessible front and rear entrances with push-button power doors. The building is completely accessible with an indoor ramp connecting the floors, and convenient access to a lounge, washrooms, and an ATM.

Dimond Library, is accessed via an exterior side ramp, incorporated into the sidewalk. The main entrance offers push-button power doors, both on the interior and exterior. The library provides ample space for studying and computer research, with the two floors connected by an elevator Helpful devices for note taking and e-books, are available at the reference desk. When the student needs a break, the library offers, on the second floor, a cafe, and a store which serve Starbucks Coffee.

Congreve Hall is the newest accessible residence on the campus, approached through a system of walk ways. Both front and rear entrances are accessed via push- button power doors. The comfortable dorm also offers roll-in accessible showers, and personal accessible bathrooms. Elevators connect the floors.

The Hamel Recreational Center offers two basketball courts, a fitness room, squash courts, and a track. The facility is accessible through the use of push-button power doors and elevators.

The University provides a Student Accessibility Service (SAS), with which students are encouraged to interact. SAS, helps handle issues for people with disabilities. Areas where Student Accessibility can help are, housing, student life, academics, and student mobility, including such issues as accessible places of residence, technology for studying, on campus employment, and shuttle service.


The friendly campus is current with accessibility, and deservedly rates an eight and a half out of ten for accessibility.


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