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9515 Hotel Drive
Austin, TX 78719
Phone: (512) 385-6767
Fax: (512) 385-6763
Website: www.austinairport.hilton.com


Individual room reservations

Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

This uniquely designed hotel is within one mile of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. There is an airport shuttle, though it does not have wheel chair accessibility. The front parking lot offers valet parking and the front door has a touch-less censor. The rear side of the hotel offers ten handicap accessible parking spots.

Although the front lobby check in desk is non accessible, with a height of 48, there are accessible, washrooms on both sides of the first-floor lobby and the front Lobby, offers two computers, with a desk height of 30.25”.

The lower section of the hotel, offers two conference rooms, and the large Bergstrom Ballroom which has ten entrances.  The lower conference/meeting rooms are called The Black Birds and Vin. Accessible washrooms are also found in the lower section, approached by four elevators.

There is a fitness area, on the first floor which offers an emergency phone, though it does not have a power entrance.

The first floor, offers six, meeting and conference areas.  Two of the rooms viewed, were the Violet Crown II Conference Room and the completely accessible Mountain Laurel Meeting Room which has an accessible peep hole and a private accessible washroom. 

Washroom Measurements:

  • Sink Height 33.75”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 35”

The hotel is clean and has friendly out-going staff.

At time of stay, the hotel was preparing for a future room renovation.

There are four main elevators, which connect all of the floors.

Vending machines, are available, on each floor.

Hotel Austin Airport, offers ten Handicap Accessible rooms, some of which are for hearing impaired as well.

Guide stayed in Accessible Room # 383. Room Door offers an Accessible Peep Hole.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Accessible Room Measurements:  

  • Toilet Height 17.75”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 35”
  • Shower/tub with shower wand.
  • Shower Hand Rail Height 34.75”
  • Sink Height 31.50”
  • Bathroom Door Width 35”
  • Room Desk Height 30”
  • Bureau Height 39”
  • Bed Height 27”
  • Bed Side Table Height 24.25”
  • Room Door Width 34.75”
  • Room offers connecting door to adjacent room.
  • Accessible Closet, Height 44.50”
  • Bathroom does not have an emergency phone.

The hotel bar and café, called “Cyber Café” is in the center of the lobby.  The cafe has an accessible counter, though the bar, does not have a handicap accessible counter section.  There is a large dining area, to the right of the bar. Accessible ramps are available to the bar and cafe.  This section also offers a lounge setting.

There is a pool to the rear of the hotel, which offers a handicap accessible lift and is also accessible, via ground level from the side. Entering the pool area, you are greeted by a nice patio.  The hot tub offers an accessible lift.


Hilton Hotels Resorts, Austin Airport, rates for accessibility and eight and a half out of ten.


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