Element by Westin

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90 Spring Valley Market Place
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Tele: (845) 694- 8200
Fax: (845) 694- 8201
Website: elementhotels.com


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Tour Date:  11/1/22

Element by Westin in Spring Valley, New York offers five up-front handicapped-accessible parking spots.  Its front door is touchless power-accessible and the 33.5-inch front desk stands at an accessible height.

Two elevators connect Element by Westin’s five floors.  Accessible washrooms are provided on the first floor.

Element by Westin in Spring Valley features five accessible rooms.  All five of these rooms are equipped for the hearing-impaired; four are furnished with roll-in showers.

We toured accessible Room #525.  This room has two queen beds and is equipped for the hearing-impaired.  One of the beds is accessible only from one side for someone in a wheelchair (the king-sized beds in other accessible rooms are accessible from both sides).  The room provides an accessible peephole in its door, and does not have a connecting door to the neighboring room.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Accessible Room #525 Measurement Details:

  • Door width (34.75”)
  • Bed height (22”)
  • Closet height (41”) Accessible: yes
  • Desk height (30.25”) top (27.25”) bottom
  • Bathroom door width (34.75”)
  • Toilet height (18”)
  • Toilet handrail height (35.50”)
  • Shower handrail height (36”)
  • Roll-in shower entrance width (36”)
  • Sink height (31”) top (26.75”) bottom
  • Bathroom emergency phone: no
  • Width between beds (23”)

Element by Westin in Spring Valley, New York houses a conference room, called the Board Room, on its first floor.  The hotel also provides a business center with two computers, desk height (33.25”).

Element by Westin features a large fitness area with an emergency phone, although its entrance lacks power-accessible doors.  The hotel also contains an accessible swimming pool with an ADA lift.  The doors to the pool are also not accessible.  An accessible washroom with a roll-in shower is located just off the pool area.


Element by Westin in Spring Valley, New York rates a nine out of ten for accessibility. The hotel, built in 2018, offers a nice accessible outdoor patio. It is close to major interstate highways, plus the Garden State Parkway and the Tappan Zee Bridge.


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