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Best Western Concord Inn & Suites is located just off Route 93 in Concord, New Hampshire. This comfortable and accommodating hotel has a total of sixty five rooms, three of which are handicap accessible.

Near the front of the building there are four easily accessed handicap spots. The front entrance offers admission through a power door, which leads to the main lobby where a welcoming front desk is accessible at a height of 35”. Just off the lobby are found a convenient dining area and a coffee bar.

The hotel offers a pool with an accessible lift, though the entrance to the pool does not provide a power accessible door. There is also a handicap accessible first floor washroom, which does not have a power entrance. A fitness room is available, but is rather tight, and the entrance door is not power accessible.

There is a conference room which is outfitted with a podium and tables for visitors. Two computers are available at a computer station with a desk height of 31”.

The accessible room previewed (# 103) offers a shower and a tub, but not a roll-in shower. The room provides an accessible peep hole, and an exterior sink next to the king size bed. The room is comfortable and spacious and has a door connecting to the adjacent room if needed.

The staff are very helpful, and the hotel offers not only a complimentary breakfast, but a complimentary wheelchair. A hospital rate is available at the hotel, plus there are two local hospitals, Concord Hospital and Elliot Hospital, within nine to twenty two minutes away.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):


  • Front Desk Height 35” / Accessible
  • Office Area, Computer Desk Height 31”
  • First Floor Washroom
  • Sink Height 33.75”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Toilet Handrail Height 36”
  • Accessible Room (#103)
  • Bed Height 28”
  • Night Table Height 28”
  • Desk Height 29.75”
  • Exterior Room Sink 31”
  • Coat Rack Height 51.75”
  • Tub Shower, Hand Rail Height 30”
  • Sink Height 34”
  • Toilet 18.75”
  • Toilet Hand Rails 35”
  • Bathroom Door Width 35”
  • Room Entrance Width 35”
  • Accessible Pool Lift


For accessibility this clean and friendly Best Western Concord Inn & Suites rates as a seven and a half out of ten.


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