Hilton Garden Inn

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35 Labombard Road
Lebanon, NH 03766 USA
Phone:(603) 448-3300


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Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms


Welcome to America’s Diner
Open 24/7
Phone: (603) 298-5922

Address: 261 Plainfield Road
West Lebanon, NH 03784

The hotel has three roll in showers and seven shower tubs.

The hotel is close to Dartmouth Hitchcock and minutes away form Dartmouth College.  

There are three floors in the hotel.

The hotel was built in 2018.

We photoed the weight room, which has an emergency phone, though no power entrance.

The front door is touch less accessible.

There is a pool, which offers and Accessible lift.

There are four conference, rooms.

The front Desk is accessible, with a height of (34’).

The is a computer area, with a top height of (32’) and a bottom height of (32’).

There are accessible washrooms off the lobby and in the conference.


  • Toilet Height (17.50’)
  • Hand Rail (36’)
  • Sink Height (34.50’) Top (28’) Bottom

Braille, signage is used through out the hotel.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Measurements Room #406

  • Door Width (34.50’)
  • Bathroom Door Width (35.25’)
  • Bed height (28’)
  • Bed Side table height (23.25’)
  • Burrow Height (30’)
  • Accessible Peep hole (yes)
  • Bathroom Sink Height (34’) Top (28.25’) Bottom
  • Toilet height (17.50’)
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height (36’)
  • Accessible Closet Height (39.75’)
  • Shower Wand (yes)
  • The room offered a Tub shower
  • Tub Hand Rail Height (35’)
  • Bathroom emergency phone available (yes)


We rated the hotel a nine for accessibility, it was clean and new.


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