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333 Oakway Center
Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: (541) 341-0903

Fax: (541) 344-1990



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Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

The Hyatt Place in Eugene, Oregon, an attractive 7-floor hotel with 130 rooms, built in August, 2017, is within a 5-minute drive of Oakway Center and easy driving distance of the University of Oregon.

The ground level entrance, first floor, has a touch-less power door. The main lobby, on the fifth floor, welcomes you with a front desk of accessible, height 34”.  The lobby has an accessible washroom, sink height 33.25”, Toilet Height 18.25”, Hand Rail 35.50”.

An accessible bar is found in the restaurant area, height 33.75”, and an accessible computer area is available, height 30.25”.

General hotel amenities include refrigerators and microwaves in all rooms, plus free airport shuttle service.

Six accessible rooms, including a suite are offered.  All accessible rooms have connecting doors to an adjacent room.

Toured Accessible Room # 504

Room has a patio, along with a connecting door to adjacent room, plus a roll-in shower and an accessible peep hole.


  • Bed Height 26.50”
  • Bed Side Table Height 25.50”
  • Desk Height 30”
  • Closet Height 57.50”, Not Accessible
  • Sink Height 34”
  • Hand Rail Height 34.50”
  • Hand Rail Height Toilet 34.50”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Bathroom Door Way Width 34.50”
  • Room Door Way Width 34.50”

Second Accessible Room Toured # 503

The room has the same measurements, as the previous room # 504.

Third Accessible Suite Toured # 561

Suite has accessible peep hole in the door.

Measurements of Suite #561

  • Bedside Table Height 25.25”
  • Bed Height 26”
  • Closet Height Accessible 43”
  • Burrow Height 39”
  • Toilet Height 18”
  • Roll-in Shower Width 34”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 35”
  • Shower Hand Rail Height 35”
  • Sink Height 33.50”

The hotel offers a laundry room, accessible pool and fitness area, and provides 

Braille signage throughout.


Oakway Center Hyatt Place is very clean and new, and rates a 9.5 for accessibility.


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