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12 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
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The University at Buffalo boasts a student body of 35,000 undergraduates.  Class size for 100-level freshman lecture classes can range anywhere from 200 to 500 students.  Juniors and seniors might have classes as small as 25 to 50 students.

The school mascot, unsurprisingly, is the Buffalo.  More surprisingly, students are allowed to spray-paint the campus’s buffalo sculpture.

The University at Buffalo offers accessible bus service throughout campus.  We toured the following buildings and areas:

Capen Hall houses the Office of Admissions.  This building is completely accessible.  The front entrance offers touchless-sensor accessible doors, as do the first-floor washrooms.  Two elevators connect all floors.  Capen Hall contains an ATM.  Other departments and facilities in Capen Hall include:

-Silverman Library

-Accessibility Resources

-University Administrators

-Experiential Learning Network

-Financial Aid

-Health Insurance

-Student Accounts

The following departments make their home in Bonner Hall:

-School of Engineering

-Applied Science

-Biomedical Engineering

-Engineering Student Services

-Engineering Development

This building offers five up-front accessible parking spots, and its front entrance offers push-button power-accessible doors.  Accessible washrooms are located on the first floor, but they don’t have power doors.  One elevator connects all floors.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science spills over into Grace Plaza; newly constructed Davis Hall, containing lecture halls, is located in Grace Plaza.  Its entrance is push-button power-accessible, and accessible washrooms are offered throughout.  Two elevators connect all floors.

Bell Hall contains Computer Science and Industrial Engineering.  This building does not offer power-accessible front doors, but features first-floor accessible washrooms.  One elevator connects all floors.  Accessible parking is offered nearby, across from Furnas Hall.

Clemens Hall serves as the headquarters for English, Literature, and Communications.  All entrances are push-button power-accessible.  A unisex accessible washroom is located on the first floor.  Three elevators connect all of the building’s ten floors.

Hochstetter Hall

This building contains the Biological Sciences Department as well as the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The front entrance is power-accessible, but the side entrances are not.  Three accessible parking spots are available in front of Hochstetter Hall.

Braid Hall houses the Music Department, including the music library.  Braid Hall’s front entrance is push-button accessible; the library’s entrance features a push-button power door.  The accessible washrooms on the first floor do not offer power doors.  One central elevator connects all of Braid Hall’s floors.

Knox Lecture Hall

This lecture hall seats 500.  It features a push-button power-accessible front entrance.  The lecture space proper has entrances at the back and front; the back entrance does not have a power door.

Lockwood Library

The University at Buffalo’s largest library features much accessible parking in its front lot.  Lockwood Library’s rear entrance is inaccessible, but the library is accessible through land bridges from the two neighboring buildings, Baldy Hall and the Student Union.  Baldy Hall offers push-button power-accessible doors, as well as an elevator to the land bridge.  The Student Union’s notable features include orientation offices, club offices, and a food court—Tim Hortons, Jamba Juice, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and sushi are some of the dining options.  The building provides power-accessible touchless-sensor doors and accessible washrooms.  An elevator connects its floors.

Ellicott Complex is the university’s newest and largest residential complex, housing roughly 3,200 students.  Ellicott is divided into six smaller complexes.  It is completely accessible, including its washrooms and elevators.

Greiner Hall, a short distance to the main campus, is a new sophomore dormitory.  It is completely accessible.

Murchie Family Football Center

The stadium provides eight accessible parking spaces outside the front entrance.  The main building is accessible, although the front entrance is not a power door, and accessible ramps are located throughout.  The first-tier end zone seats offer a great view.

The Commons

This on-campus mini-mall includes a Subway restaurant and other dining options, a Starbucks, a Key Bank branch, a CVS, and a UPS office.  Its entrances are not power-accessible.  One elevator links all floors.

The Alumni Area is the campus’s fitness center.  The front entrance offers a ramp, which connects to push-button accessible doors.  The interior is accessible throughout.  The Alumni Area was closed at the time of our tour.


We rated the University at Buffalo campus a nine out of ten for accessibility. The campus is relatively flat, with little pitch. The campus is quite accessible, featuring many new buildings.


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