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HYATT House Hartford / Windsor
200 Corporate Drive,
Windsor CT,  06095

Phone: (860) 683-9032
Fax: (860) 298-8003
Sales: (860) 683-9032

The Hyatt House Hartford / Windsor Connecticut is conveniently located nine miles (12 minutes) from downtown Hartford and six miles (10 minutes) from Bradley International Airport. There are 132 guest rooms with seven designated for universal design / handicapped access.

When arriving at the Hyatt House there is a large parking lot with six designated handicapped parking spaces, strategically located, very close to the front door entrance. From your parking space, you will travel across the smooth tarmac, with a level grade, ending at a concrete curb-cut and a short brick path, leading to the front door. The front entrance consists of two large fully automated doors with smooth large tile leading to the check in / out desk. The check in/out desk has two different vantage points, one with a lowered table top, for easy viewing.

From the front desk, it is only a short distance to a push button elevator. At your desired floor, get off the elevator and there is hard carpet, which will lead you to your room. The seven handicapped accessible rooms are a mix of two bedroom suites or a large single room.

In the two bedroom suite numbered 306 there is a mix of carpet, moving through the entertainment area leading to engineered wood on the kitchen floor. The kitchen counter tops are fixed at a friendly height and offer plenty of counter space. There is a kitchen table that sits at an acceptable height to move easily underneath. Following the short carpeted hallway on your right side is the (34.5”) bathroom door with easy to turn handles. Once through the bathroom door there is large smooth tile on the floor. On the left side wall is a vanity sink (34.5”, top-Underneath 27”) with a reasonable amount of room to navigate underneath and plenty of counter space, with three easy access open shelves. At the back of the bathroom is a toilet with two grab bars, one behind the toilet and one to the left of the toilet. There is a roll in shower with grab bars (34”) and a shower wand (34”) with temperature control gauges (42”) all at a respectful height.

Several feet down the carpeted hallway are two double beds (22”), with plenty of space between the beds, to get to the bedside table. At the end of the beds on the far wall, there is a large window looking out on the back parking lot. There is also a good sized closet with closing doors which double as a body sized mirror. To the right of the closet is a dresser cabinet (30”) with four good sized drawers and a large flat screen television affixed to the top.

Other amenities at the Hyatt House include a fitness center, with nearby indoor pool, computer center, high-speed internet access, gathering room/conference room, a 24-hour market with food plus drinks, complimentary guest breakfast, and outdoor grilling area.

Overall we rate the Hyatt House Hartford / Windsor, with 8.5 of 10 points.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Room #306 Measurements:

  • Door Entrance 36”
  • Desk Top Height 30.5” / Underneath 27”
  • Couch Front Room Height 19”
  • Ottoman Height 18”
  • Bathroom Entrance Door Width 34.5”
  • Toilet Height 19”
  • Handrail / Grab Bar Behind Toilet 34”
  • Handrail / Grab Bar Left of Toilet 34”
  • Doorway Entrance to Bedroom Width 34”
  • Handrail / Grab Bar Left / Back in Shower 34”
  • Shower Wand Height 34”
  • Shower Controls 42”
  • Bathroom Sink Top Height 34.5” / Underneath 27.5”
  • Bed Top Height 22”
  • Space Between Beds 32”
  • Bedside Table Height 28.5”
  • Dresser / Cabinet / TV Stand 30”
  • Air Conditioner Controls 21”
  • Bedroom Light Switch 43”
  • Climate Controls Bedroom 43”
  • Climate Controls Main Room 43”


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