Hilton Garden Inn

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250 Haskell Road
Bangor, ME 04401, USA
Tele: (207) 262- 0099
Fax: (207) 947-6809
Email: casey.wardwell@hilton.com
Website: Bangor.HGI.com


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Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

Hilton Garden Inn, new throughout, is convenient to Bangor Mall, Cross Insurance Center, and Eastern Maine Medical Center.

In addition to attractive landscaping, the welcoming exterior provides two up front accessible parking spots and a touch-less, censor front entrance.

Inside you will be greeted at an accessible Front Desk with a height of 34”.

On its 5 floors, serviced by 2 main elevators, Hilton Garden Inn offers seven accessible rooms, out of a total of 141 sparkling clean guest rooms. Two of the accessible accommodations have roll-in showers. The additional five accessible rooms provide three by three showers which have seats.

The hotel has an indoor pool, spa and a fitness center, closed at the time of the tour, do to Covid 19.

The roomy fitness area provides an emergency phone, though does not have a power door.

Off the main lobby of the hotel there is a restaurant called Claddach Irish Pub with a Grand Ball Room, next door.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Measurements Accessible Room # 314

  • Bed Height 29”
  • Room Door Width 35”
  • Bathroom Door Width 34.50”
  • Desk Height 30” top, 27” bottom
  • Closet Height 45” (Accessible Height)
  • Toilet Height 17”
  • Toilet Hand Rail Height 36”
  • Shower Hand Rail Height 36”
  • Refrigerator Area 34”
  • Sink Height 34” top, 30” bottom

This accessible room has a connecting door to an adjacent room, and provides both a hearing-impaired light, along with a doorbell at the entrance.


Hilton Garden Inn, Bangor, ME rates a nine out of ten for accessibility. The hotel is clean with friendly helpful staff.


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