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The University of Georgia, encompassing 760 acres and chartered in 1785, is where the tradition of public higher education in the USA began. This University aims to answer some of the world’s greatest questions, from how to fight infectious disease, to how to maintain a sustainable food supply, while it encourages “advancing economic growth and strengthening cyber and global security.”  One of the nation’s top three producers of Rhodes Scholars over the past two decades, university honors programs are among the top 10 in the U.S. The university hosts the Peabody Awards, the most prestigious electronic media prize. 17 colleges and schools hold more than 37,000 students. The university’s athletic programs — 21 varsity athletic teams compete as the Georgia Bulldogs — are among the most successful in NCAA Division I.

  1. Tour starting point intended to be the Visitor Center, but since it was closed at the time of our visit, we can only report that it offers two accessible parking spots out front, and the front entrance, has a push-button accessible door. (See photos.)
  2. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Additional offices in this building are Activity Center, Office of Development, and Alumni Relations. The front entrance, does not have a power door. This one storey building offers vending machines and accessible washrooms, though they do not have power doors. (See photos.)

Washroom Measurements:

Sink Height 31’

Toilet Height 18’

Toilet Hand Rail Height 34.50’

The next 2 neighboring buildings (Ramsey Student Center and Joe Frank Harris Commons) share 5 accessible parking spots, along with a parking garage. 

  1. Ramsey Student Center, 440,000 feet of space dedicated to student athletic and recreational activities, is accessible by power front doors, and is handicap accessible throughout. The building offers a pool, gym, basketball courts, weight rooms, and volley ball courts. There are also exercise facilities, studios, and a track.  (See photos.) There are 3 floors – the first 2 are connected via elevators, and accessible washrooms are found on both floors, although they do not have power doors. An ATM, and vending machines are located on the first floor.
  2. Joe Frank Harris Commons, offers a student center and a market. There are also numerous food options, some of which are “East Side Deli”, “Sushi with Gusto”, and “Sweet Java Brown’s”. The building has a nice covered patio, but only offers power accessible doors from one entrance.
  3. Lamar Dobb School of Art Building houses the Art Department and galleries. (See photos.)  One accessible parking spot is provided to the rear of the building. The building offers three accessible ramps, in various locations. The first ramp is at the front door. There is an elevated side ramp and a rear entrance ramp.  The architecture of the building employs industrial design, to include handicap accessibility with their ramps. The entrances of the building offer push-button accessible doors, except for the patio. There are accessible wash rooms, on the first and second floor. The building is accessible by elevator to the 2 floors.
  4. Tucker Hall is home to many units of the Office of Research, including Animal Care & Use, Bio -safety, Export Control, Human Subjects, Innovation Gateway, IT Operations (Office of Research), Proposal Enhancement, Research Communications, Research Compliance, Research Safety, and Sponsored Projects Administration (Pre-and Post-Award). There are 2 Handicap Accessible parking spots to the rear of the building. The front is accessible via a ramp side walk entrance, offering hand rails. The front and rear doors both offer push-button doors.
  5. Fred C. Davison Life Science Building, home to the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Genetics, has a front parking lot, plus 2 accessible upfront parking spots. The building offers numerous entrances, though there is only one central push-button power door.  There is also a large parking lot to the rear, accessible by way of a ramp side walk with hand rails.
  6. Aderhold Hall / College of Education.  (See photos.) 4 accessible parking spots are located to the front, and 12 accessible spots are found to the side. This building is completely accessible, through the use of elevators, push-button accessible entrances, and even push-button accessible doors to wash rooms on the fifth floor. There are 4 elevators on the ground floor, which connect to 6 floors including the basement.  The 2nd floor is home to the Office of Information Technology, the Office of Research & Graduation Education, a Student Lounge and numerous classrooms. On the 3rd floor is the Department of Educational Psychology, and on the 4th, Counseling and Human Development Service. On the 5th: floor Communication Science and Special Education are located. The 6th floor houses the Education Theory and Practice Departments.
  7. Georgia Museum of Art / Athens, the official state museum of Georgia, with free admission, but closed on Mondays, has 4 accessible parking spots, located to the front, and 12 accessible spots to the side, plus a parking garage with 1 designated accessible spot. There are three accessible push-button entrances, one of them accessible from the parking garage. There are accessible washrooms on the first floor, and 1 main elevator, which connects to the second floor. The museum is new construction, accessible throughout.
  8. Butts-Mehre Building is a training facilities and coaching office area. There are 2 accessible parking spots out in front of the building. The building offers a power accessible front door with a ramp entrance. Floors are accessible via an elevator.  There is also parking to the rear of the building.
  9. Foley Baseball Field is completely accessible, with designated accessible seating.  There is an accessible main entrance, via a ramp along with an elevator. Accessible washrooms are also available.  Closed at the time of visit.
  10. Sanford Stadium (See photos.)  There are several easy access main entrances.  The stadium offers accessible seating throughout, connected by elevators.  Accessible washrooms are available on opposite sides of the stadium. There is an elevated area in the end zone, next to the score board, which is accessible.  This area is conveniently next to an elevator, accessible washrooms, and an accessible parking area behind the Tate Center.
  11. Tate Student Center is across the street from Sanford Stadium, offering 4 accessible parking spots to the rear.  There is also a closed parking garage under Tate Center, along with an open parking area in front. Tate Student Center offers a learning center, and various food options such as “Chick-fil-A”, “Panda Express”, “The Niche Pizza Co.”, “Sam Bazon”, and “Organic ACAI”.  Tate Center offers push-button accessible power doors, along with elevators that connect the floors. The University Book Store is to the rear of the Tate Center, connected via ramp walk ways. There are also numerous ATM’s located outside the book store, plus push-button accessible doors at the entrance.  Both locations were closed at the time of visit.
  12. Miller Learning Center, although closed at time of visit, offers push-button power doors, and an accessible front entrance via a side walk, or steps.  There is an elevator, which connects the floors, along with accessible washrooms.
  13. Ivester Hall, Amos Hall, and Correll Hall, are all new buildings, which are class rooms and department offices.  The buildings offer push-button accessible entrances, elevators and accessible washrooms.  Some of the buildings are connected, by way of outdoor paths on the second floor. These structures are newly built and manicured well.  They are across from Bolton Dining Commons. (Scattered across campus are several other dining facilities.)
  14. Ilatt Dunlap Little Memorial Library is the main library. It is accessible via a front entrance ramp and two accessible front doors – one touch-less sensor, and another push-button power door.  The library offers a coffee shop and bagel eatery, on the first floor, plus computers and an information desk. The second floor holds periodicals. A total of nine floors are connected via elevators.  Accessible washrooms are available, on the first floor.

The new library on campus is the Russell Special Collection Building, very accessible, though on a hill.

There are push-button power doors, plus 15 accessible parking spots close to the main library and the Law Library.


Campus is well marked for Handicap Accessibility.  There are a lot of newly built accessible structures, plus historical buildings, well-renovated for accessibility.  The campus is quite spread out, with flat sections as well as hills.


The University of Georgia campus rates 8.5 out of 10 for accessibility.


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