Skidmore College

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815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: (518) 580-5000

Start tour at Waring Admissions Center.

This is Old Farm house that has been renovated.

It is handicap accessible, from the rear of the admissions center.

Offering and elevator, to the first floor.

There is one accessible spot, with a path which leads to a power push button entrance. Once inside there is and elevator to the first floor.  Next to the rear of the Waring Center there are two additional accessible parking spots in a separate lot.

  1. Visited the Arthur Zankel Music Center, Offers a flat accessible entrance.

The building offers six handicap accessible parking spots.  Four next to the building and two in the parking lot. The building offers a push button power accessible entrance.

There is a first floor elevator, in the hallway, which connect to all the floors.

The main lobby offers handicap accessible washrooms, which do not have power doors.

The Arthur Zankel Music Center, houses the “Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall”

-Box Office

-Music Dept

-Media Computer Listening Lab


-Recording Studio

The parking lot offers, plug inns for two electric cars.

  1. Case Student Center, offers twelve handicap accessible parking spots.

The student center offers, push button power entrances, on three side of the building.

The Student Center, offers accessible washroom on each of the three floors.

The second floor, offers two sets of accessible washrooms, one offering power accessible push button doors, at there entrances.

The student center, also offers an elevators connecting the floors.

Case Student Center/First Floor

Skidmore School Store

Student Gourmet / Dinning Area

Post Office

Accessible Washrooms 

SPA Dinning

Print Services / Open to student, does not have a power entrance.

Second Floor

Burgess Cafe

Info Desk

Case Art Gallery

Community Services

Skidmore EMS


Third Floor

Dean of Students

Campus Life & Engagements

Student Wellness Center

Leadership and Activities

The second floor offer, six computers, with a desk height of (30.50’)

The Burgess Cafe does not offer and exterior accessible power door.

  1. Scribner Library , This library offers a ramp entrance, on both sides, which is accessible through a long boardwalk, with a roof top.

The main entrance, offers push button power doors.

The library offers four floors, connected by two elevators, on either sides of the library.

Ground Floor of the library

– IT Enterprise Systems

-IT Media Services

First Floor 

Cafe / Vending / Sitting Area

Circulation and Reserves

IT Administration

IT Help Desk

Library Office

Second Floor

Bibliography Services

GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Inter library loan office

IT Academic Technologies

Third Floor 

Pohndorff Room

Special Collection (Archives)

Visual Resources office Books

Fourth Floor

Writing Center

  1. Saisselin Art Center, offers a push button accessible door.

The art center offer three floor, all connected via an elevator.

First Floor


Fiber Arts

Print Making



3-D Design

Second Floor

Art Office

Summer Six Office

Schick Art Gallery



Third Floor



2-D Design

Seminar Room

Art Faculty Offices


Second Floor washrooms, are not marked for Handicap Accessibility.

No power doors, “Accessible Toilet Area very tight”

  1. Murray-Aikins Dinning Hall, offers accessible push button power doors.

There is an elevator, which connect to the second floor.  

The dinning area offers a market plus a cafe.  Some of the name of the dinning options, are “Supiemo’s Pizza Arca”, “The Corner Delhi”, “Emily’s Garden”, “The Diner” Grill.

  1. Tisch Learning Center, The learning Center offers five accessible parking spots in front of the building.  The is are push button accessible doors to the rear and front of the building. There is a first floor elevator, which connects all three floors.

First Floor 

Psychology Department

Second Floor

Sociology Department

Anthropology Department

Social Work Department

Third Floor

History Department

American Studies Department

  1. Jonsson Tower residential Hall, Building is a tower like structure, offering a push button accessible front door.  There is an elevator, which connects the floors.

The building was closed at the time of visit.  Not sure weather, there is an accessible room offered in the building.  The Tower is close to the Murray- Aikins Dinning Hall.

There is an ATM, just to the left of the front door, of Jonsson Tower.

  1. Williamson Sports Recreation Center , this athletic facilities, offers six accessible parking spots in the front parking lot.

Toured basket ball court area, has a landing for people who us handicap accessibility, next to the bleacher.   

There is a pool, which offer an accessible lift. The pool is on a basement level.

The pool is accessible, from the second floor for viewing purposes there are concrete steps there for guests to sit on.  There is no power accessible entrance.  

There is an elevator which connects the floors.

A gym area is available, on the first floor, offering free weights, treadmill, and nautilus.


There is a first floor accessible washroom, which does not have power doors to the entrance.  The toilet stalls are rather tight, for some one who may us a wheel chair.

The recreational area offer, tennis courts, and an out door track.

There are accessible bleachers, which offer designated accessible seating connect by way of a ramp, offering hand rail.


We rate the campus and 8 out of 10 for accessibility. The campus is relatively flat, though with a slit pitch. Most of the building are relatively modernized. The campus seems to be relatively condensed, connected by various paths.


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