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There are four Rutgers campuses, all accessible from each other by bus.  The campus toured was the Busch Campus. Additional campuses are Livingston, College Avenue, and Cook/Douglass.

Busch Campus is the central location of classes and labs for engineering, pharmacy, medicine, science, engineering, and technology, offering easy closeness to Werblin Recreation Center, the Rutgers football stadium, intramural fields, and class and lab space.  Busch is home to extensive student housing options,  including traditional first-year residence halls, suite-style living,  apartments for both undergraduate and graduate students, plus several special living choices.

Our tour began at the Visitor Center, a new building on the Busch Campus which is completely accessible, including path entrances, push button power doors, and accessible washrooms.

The spectacular Sonny Werblin Recreation Center provides 4 large recreation centers, plus a separate extensive fitness center, 20 acres of outdoor space, an Olympic size pool with a diving tower, an 80-foot climbing wall, a ropes challenge course, a large picnic pavilion, basketball, racket ball and squash courts, and a roller hockey rink. Facilities can be reserved for graduations, tournaments, family picnics and special events. The main building is accessible by paths, but does not offer a power front door or an elevator, but can be negotiated by the use of ramps and stairs.   

Approaching the Core Building/Computer Research & Education Building we are welcomed by seven handicap spots out in front and a push button front power entrance.  The grounds from the parking lot to the front entrance of the Core Building are completely flat. The first floor of the building offers lecture halls and accessible washrooms.  The seven floors of the building are connected via three elevators. First floor is home to Industrial Engineering. Second and third floors house the Department of Computer Science and Laboratory Research Computer Science.  Fourth floor holds Centers for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. On the fifth floor is Electrical Computer Engineering. The sixth floor is home to Civil and Environmental Engineering and Office Economic Development. On the seventh floor are found the Office of Advanced Research Computers and the Professional Science Masters Program.   

Hill Center houses Mathematics and Science departments, along with a physics library, which is the second largest library on the Busch Campus. IT and telecommunications services for the university are also centered here.  There are two front entrances that are push button accessible, although some of the side entrances are not power accessible. Some of the building is elevator accessible, though it is somewhat dated. The ground level lecture hall is accessible.  

The T. Alexander Pond Science & Engineering Resource Center is accessible by paths to the front entrance, which does not, however, offer a power accessible door.  The rear entrance, offers a push button power door, along with an elevator to the different levels. Ramps as well as accessible washrooms are available throughout the first level.  

At Busch Student Center and Dining Area numerous food options are available from a traditional cafeteria dining hall area, to restaurant style dining.  Food options range from Moe’s, Szechwan Ichiban, Gerlanda’s Pizza, and Panera Bread. There is accessible parking to the rear, with a total of six spots.  The Student Center offers an accessible ramp to the second floor. Most of the building provides push button power accessible doors. There are a few outdoor patio’s, one of which is connected by ramp.  The building also offers a convenience store.

Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering Building is modern, new, and very accessible.  All four floors are accessible via elevator, including the basement. There are extensive accessible paths around the building, which connect all power accessible sides.

The impressive Ira S. Gottscho Packaging Engineering Laboratory in the new Bio Medical Engineering Building brings together offices, classrooms, and laboratories once spread across campus.  The 80,000-square-foot brick, steel, and glass building west of the Busch Campus Center Building offers a power push button front door, along with a first-floor lecture hall. An elevator, connects the different floors.  Accessible washrooms are available throughout.  

The Chemistry & Chemical Biology Building, is a brand-new building, which is not on the map.   Eight handicap accessible parking spots are conveniently located out front. Entrances are approached via paths and ramps.  Push button accessible doors are offered. All floors are connected via elevators, and there are accessible washrooms throughout.

The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy is accessible via paths, along with push button power accessible doors.  (See photo of front entrance.) The first floor offers a student center, along with a food/cafe area. This is a new building, with all floors connected by elevator.  The entire structure is very accessible.

Woody’s Cafe offers an outdoor patio. This spot appears to be quite popular as a student dining option although the front entrance is not power accessible.  

The Library of Science & Medicine building, the main library on the Busch Campus, offers a power accessible entrance.  The three floors are connected by elevator. Computers are found on the first floor, along with periodicals.    

Visiting the Rutgers Soccer Field, one finds accessible ramps from the rear, into the bleachers.  The parking lot offers two handicap accessible parking spots to the rear of the bleachers, with accessible washrooms found next to the parking lot.

Rutgers Rah! The Scarlet Knight’s Big Ten Football Stadium is accessible by way of sidewalks to the entrance.  There is also ramp access. Plenty of accessible wash rooms, which are marked well, are easily found. The accessible seating is also marked well and enables excellent viewing of the field. (See photos.)


The Busch Campus has numerous new buildings, and an extensive bus system connecting with other campuses. The flatness of the terrain plus the many new extremely handicap friendly buildings grants the Rutgers Busch Campus a deservedly high 9.5 rating for accessibility.


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