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The University of Texas, Austin, founded in 1883, renowned as a leader among the biggest and best research universities in the country, hosts more than 51,000 students and 3,000 faculty. UT, blending tradition and innovation, is ambitious to change the world through groundbreaking research, teaching and learning techniques. Proud home of Texas Longhorn athletics, located in the creative city of Austin, the university provides a place to explore education at its best.

In sciences, humanities and arts, UT provides highly-ranked programs, rating highest nationally among public universities in accounting, Latin American history, and petroleum engineering graduate programs and in the top 10 in more than 15 undergraduate programs and more than 40 graduate programs. 

UT Austin, a public university, is the flagship school of the University of Texas System, which includes nine academic and six medical facilities throughout the state,

Starting Point of Tour, University of Texas Administration Building.

This building houses many different departments, ranging from the School of Information, the University of Texas Science Center at the Houston School of Public Health.  The fourth floor is Texas Longhorn Under Graduate Admissions Department.

The seven floors in this building are connected by three elevators. There are three accessible washrooms on the first floor. The building offers braille, signage throughout.

Benedict Hall, built 1950, houses the Spanish and Portuguese Departments. The front entrance is accessible by concrete ramps and hand rails, but the front two doors are not power, exterior or interior.

The side entrance offers push button power doors.

The lower level of Benedict Hall is accessible via elevator.  Elevators connect to three floors, from various sides of the building. The first floor offers audio recording, class rooms, and an auditorium.  

The second-floor elevator, is accessible by way of a ramp, this elevator connects to three floors.  

The second floor, offers a push button accessible entrance to Mezes Hall, which is to the rear of the building. From this entrance a ramp elevated side walk is available. On the third floor are found departments of Government, Spanish and Portuguese and faculty offices. The fourth floor offers the graduate student lounge, plus a computer lab. The fifth floor, not connected by elevator, has a meeting room, archives room, seminar room, computer lab, discussion room, and make up test room.

Red McComb School of Business, focusing on Financial Education and research is made up of 3 buildings and 7 floors. The front entrance offers a touch-less power accessible door.  There are accessible doors as well on the other two sides of the building. The first floor offers accessible push-button washroom doors. The second floor, is accessible by ramp from the front side entrance with push button power doors, houses the Dan C. Williams Amphitheater.

Escalators are offered connecting the floors along with elevators.

The rear entrance of the building, offers a computer information area, to the side of the lobby.  The building is very accessible.

Perry-Castaneda Library, the largest library on campus has several accessible parking spots to the front. There are a few seating areas on the front patio, in front of the entrance, which offers push button accessible doors. There is an ATM available to the left of the main entrance of the library.

The front entrance, has an accessible information area.  Research computers are available on the first floor, as well as a cafe to the left of the front entrance, called “PruFrock’s Java City.”

The first floor offers Learning Labs, a Writing Center, and the Stem Study Area.

Accessible washrooms are available throughout the library.

Six Elevators connect all floor. There are also exterior escalators available, and exterior covered washrooms, though they do not have power entrances.

Beauford H. Jester Center, is the largest dorm on campus.  Food options are offered within the Jester Center, along with a market and ATM. This building has four accessible push button door entrances.

On the first floor is a Starbucks, Jester Java, a Wendy’s and the Jester City Market. “Jester City Limits,” is the cafeteria, dining area.

The dorm area is to the opposite side of the dining area.  The residential area, is open to all students, mostly freshman.

The Jester West Center, on the second floor, offers the Sanger Learning Center for undergrads. Elevators are provided connecting the floors. There are over fifteen accessible parking spots in front of Jester West. Accessible washrooms are available, on the second floor.  

At the time of visit, the dorm area was under renovation construction.

Gregory Gymnasium, the largest gymnasium, on campus, offers a flat entrance, with push-button accessible doors.

The front lobby, has a University Federal Credit Union, plus an ATM.  A “Shake Smart” eatery is found in the main lobby, as well as an, pick up location.

Accessible washrooms are available in the front lobby, and on various floors of the building.  Elevators, connect all floors.  

The first floor, offers a weight room and a gym which can be reached by a ramp with hand rails. The lower level offers, tread mills, exercise machines, a climbing wall, and squash courts. There is an accessible track on the third floor, above the basketball and volley ball court. There are push button power doors to the rear entrance leading to three outdoor pools, which do not offer handicap accessible lifts.

Student Activity Center

Both the front and the rear of the building offer large patios. The front entrance has a push button accessible door, and to the rear there is a touch-less sensor accessible door.

In the front entrance there are elevators, which connect to the second floor, with its classrooms and study areas.  Accessible washrooms are offered in the front lobby and an ATM is provided.

There is a Starbucks on the first floor.   A lower level, accessible via a ramp or stairs, offers a market place/store, along with food options such as “Chick-fil-A Express,” “Zen,” and “Taco Cabana Rapido.”

The student center, houses the Margaret C. Berry Activities Center.

Dell Computer Science Hall / Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex

This building, built in 2010, offers a push-button accessible front door. There is a cafe in the main lobby, offering “Texas Traders Coffee.”

There is a rear patio, in the main lobby which offers a push button accessible door.

The lobby offers three elevators, which connect to all seven floors. Braille signage, is used throughout the building. First Floor washrooms, are accessible, though do not offer power doors.

The Front Lobby, offers a digital directory of the buildings departments. Departments range from Computer Science, Data Science, and Computational Science Engineering.  

The first floor houses the Avaya Auditorium, as well as food options, including “Campus Café” which is to the left side of the building.

There are additional, elevators to the left side of the building, as well as side entrances, which do not have power doors.

Sherri and Robert L. Patton Hall

The first floor offers three elevators, that connect to all five floors.

First Floor:  Class Room Help, Julius Glickman Conference Center, Liberal Arts Advising Center, Liberal Arts Peer Membership Center, Martin Dies Student Center

Second Floor:  Frank Denius Normandy Scholars Room, Liberal Arts Honors Programs, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Plan II Honors Programs, Population Research Center, and Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies

Third Floor:  Department of Geography and Environment, Department of Sociology, and

Research Labs

Fourth Floor:  Department of Anthropology, via Sky bridge, walkway, and research labs

Fifth Floor:  Department of Air Force Science, Department of Military Science, Department of Navel Science, and ROTC Classrooms

Patton Hall, houses liberal arts academic advising. Side Doors are not power accessible, towards the Student Center. There is an additional, elevator to the rear, for authorized personnel.

Julius Glickman Conference Center, in Patton Hall offers six conference rooms.

There are accessible washrooms on the first floor, and throughout the building.

Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, accessible side ramp available, connecting upper tier.  Stadium offers ramps and elevators for accessibility. Accessible washrooms are offered throughout. At the time of visit the stadium was closed and being renovated.

Manor Parking Garage, across from the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium,

offers five floors with numerous accessible spots. The garage is accessible via elevator.

Mike A. Myers Track and Soccer Stadium is accessible from the upper section and offers ramps to the lower sections and has designated accessible seating. Manor Parking Garage is located just to the rear, of the stadium.


University of Texas at Austin campus rates a nine out of ten for accessibility. It’s a very large campus, the majority of which is quite flat with infrequent minor pitches. There are numerous new buildings.


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