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Office of the Registrar
Regent Administrative Center
2055 Regent Drive, Rm. 101
20 UCB Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492- 1411

An exemplary public research institution, one of only 34 in the AAU (Association of American Universities), CU Boulder stands out for its scholarship as well as its scenery. The foundation stone of Colorado’s higher educational system, it was established five months before Colorado became a state in 1876. Boulder, with its own airport and shuttle system is located 44 picturesque miles from Denver International Airport.

Accessibility begins at the main entrance to central campus, which offers fifteen handicap accessible parking spots – across  from which there is a new parking garage, also completely accessible.

The Warner IMIG Music Building, in midst of major expansion, has a front push button power entrance. (see photos) The College of Music, offering 7 degrees in 23 fields of music, has offices and facilities in 3 buildings on the Boulder campus: IMIG Music, Macky Auditorium, and the University Club.

The front entrance of the Jila Building (see photos) offers a concrete approach, with push button power doors.  The building offers elevator accessibility, and accessible washrooms. The Jila houses CU’s renowned Physics Department, supported by the National Science Foundation, where preeminent scientists mentor undergraduates in cutting edge Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU),  covering a multitude of  CU Physics Department Specialties:  Atomic, Molecular, Optical, Nuclear, and High Energy Physics, Condensed Matter, Biophysics, Physics Education Research, Plasma Physics, Geophysics, Chemical Physics, Laser Physics, and Renewable Energy.

The high rise Gamow Tower, tallest structure on the campus, houses the physics and astrophysics departments.  The building offers two elevators, and a push button power entrance at the Duane Building which is connected next door.

The Norlin Library, the largest library on the CU Boulder campus, houses Humanities and Social Sciences collections, Special Collections and Archives, Norlin Commons, Norlin Stacks, Asian Studies, Art and Architecture, Government Information, and much more. The library is accessible from the rear via a granite accessible ramp with hand rails. The entrance offers a push button power entrance, which is on the second floor.  The front entrance is accessible, via push button power doors and pleasantly features a patio. The library also offers a cafe called The Laughing Goat, which is open until 12:00 am.

The Mary Rippon Theatre, named after CU’s extremely popular first female professor, is an outdoor theatre, home to the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and varied cultural happenings.

UC Boulder is comprised of two campuses, the Main campuses and East Campus. The East Campus is about a quarter mile from the main campus and is composed mainly of athletic fields, research buildings, and residence halls.

Student Housing at Boulder provides a variety of options in 24 on-and off-campus residence halls having 17 different room types from singles to four-person rooms, plus accomodations with apartment style features.  Several communities of residence halls are located throughout the campus, as well as in a separate area called Williams Village, aka as Darley North, or Willville, which is located on East  Campus, approximately 1.5 miles from main campus. This building, which is handicap accessible, is several stories high and looks like a sky scraper. A free bus service transports students to main campus. Residential Academic Programs (RAPS) are available in many residence halls. RAPs provide students with in-dorm classes directed to scholarly fields such as environmental and international studies.  Baker Hall, a handicap accessible unisex freshman dorm, offers accessible bathrooms, and is connected via elevator to all five floors.  Also available are a convenient laundry room in the basement and a closed off kitchen in the second floor common room. Entrance to both the front and the back of the dorm is by push button power doors.  Vending machines are available on the first floor.

Many dining options are provided on campus. Examples are: Farrand, Grab and Go, which offers fast food options and a market, University Memorial, the largest dining area on campus, and a pleasant grill at the University Memorial building called Alfred Parker.  The University Memorial building offers a nice patio, with eight handicap parking spots just beyond, all accessible via concrete ramp.  Other food options, range from Subway, Panda Express, Starbucks and Jamba Juice.  There is also a school store whose entrance offers a rather dated accessible ramp and push button power doors.  Pekoe Sip House is another food option, with a push button power accessible entrance.

Sports are made accessible also. A parking lot in front of the football stadium, Folsom Field, offers four handicap accessible parking spots. The Student Recreation Center is accessible via push button power doors at the front entrance. Here are found an outdoor pool shaped like the CU buffalo mascot, indoor tennis courts, a fitness area, with cycling, rowing, plus strength and cardio space, basketball/volleyball courts, an  ice rink, lap pool, dive well, climbing and turf gyms, all connected via elevators. In addition, the front entrance provides a convenient cafe area and an ATM.

University Museum, well worth visiting, is accessible from the rear, through the use of a ramp with hand rails and a push button rear door.  The front of the building offers eight handicap accessible parking spots.


University of Colorado Boulder rates an eight out of ten for accessibility. The University has done a nice job renovating older buildings for handicap accessibility.


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