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11 Tara Boulevard
Nashua, NH 03602
Tele: (603) 888- 9970
Fax: (603) 888- 4112


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Phone: (603) 298-5922

Address: 261 Plainfield Road
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Sheraton Nashua in Nashua, New Hampshire boasts fifteen up-front handicapped-accessible parking spaces. It has a touchless, power-accessible front door and an accessible front desk at a height of 33.50 inches.

Sheraton Nashua uses Braille signage throughout. Accessible washrooms are available on the first floor. The bar in the lobby stands at an accessible height of 34.25 inches.

The hotel includes numerous accessible rooms on its first and second floors, as well as rooms equipped for the hearing-impaired. We toured accessible room #159. This room offers a power-accessible entrance and push-button exit. The door has an accessible peephole. The room also features a door to the adjacent room.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Accessible Room #159 Measurement Details:

  • Door width (34.50”)
  • Bed height (23”)
  • Closet height (43”)
  • Desk height (28.25”) bottom (30”) top
  • Bathroom door width (35”)
  • Toilet height (17”)
  • Toilet handrail height (35”)
  • Shower handrail height (31”)
  • Roll-in shower: no
  • Sink height (29.25”) top (30.25”) bottom
  • Bathroom emergency phone: no
  • Closet height (43”) Accessible: yes

Sheraton Nashua features nine conference rooms:

  • Bedford Room
  • Amherst Room
  • Chesterfield Room
  • Hollis Room
  • Hampton Room
  • Windham Room
  • Conway Room
  • Portsmouth Room
  • Hanover Room

It also contains four ballrooms: Grand Ballroom South, Grand Ballroom Central, Grand Ballroom North, and the Northwood Ballroom.

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool, but neither has an ADA lift. Sheraton Nashua also contains a fitness club, Atlantis. The hotel doesn’t offer a business center with computers; two designated rooms with TV monitors are located off the lobby, though.


Sheraton Nashua in Nashua, New Hampshire rates a nine and a half out of ten for accessibility. The hotel is clean and sophisticated, having just been renovated in 2022. It’s a great venue for a wedding or large event.


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