Best Western Plus

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2727 Graves Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Tele: (850) 562- 7200
Fax: (850) 562- 6335


Individual room reservations

Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

The parking lot at the Best Western Plus in Tallahassee, Florida offers five handicapped-accessible spots. The front door is touchless power-accessible. The hotel’s front desk stands at an accessible 34 inches high.

One elevator services the Best Western Plus’s three floors. The hotel employs Braille signage throughout, and provides a first-floor accessible washroom.

The hotel features four handicapped-accessible rooms and four rooms equipped for the hearing-impaired. We toured accessible room #118, which provides a connecting door to the neighboring room and an accessible peephole on its front door.

Accessible Room #118 Measurement Details:

  • Door width (34.75”)
  • Bed height (28”)
  • Closet height (45”) Accessible: yes
  • Desk height (31”) top (26.75”) bottom
  • Bathroom door width (35”)
  • Toilet height (18”)
  • Toilet handrail (35.25”)
  • Shower handrail height (35.50”)
  • Roll-in shower: yes
  • Sink height (34.50”) top (29.75”) bottom
  • Bathroom emergency phone: no
  • Shower wand offered: yes

The Best Western Plus contains a fitness center and an accessible outdoor pool.  It also offers a business center furnished with two computers, desk height (31”) top (29.50”) bottom.


The Best Western Plus in Tallahassee, Florida rates a nine out of ten for accessibility. In addition to being accessible, the hotel is clean and has friendly staff. The Best Western Plus is conveniently close to a Wal-Mart, a Waffle House, and a Burger King.


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