Marriott Springfield Downtown

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2 Boland Way
Springfield, MA 01115
Tele: (413) 251- 6258


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Tour Date: 11/23/22

Marriott Springfield Downtown in Springfield, Massachusetts features an above-ground parking garage. The front door is touchless power-accessible. The front desk stands at 34 inches high—accessible.

Three elevators connect Marriott Springfield Downtown’s 16 floors. Accessible washrooms are situated on the first floor. Braille signage appears throughout the hotel.

Marriott Springfield Downtown offers an impressive 18 accessible rooms. Seven rooms are equipped for the hearing-impaired, and two have roll-in showers.

We toured accessible and hearing-impaired Room #1209. This room features a king-sized bed and an accessible peephole in its door, but not a connecting door to the neighboring room.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Accessible Room #1209 Measurement Details:

  • Door width (34.75”)
  • Bed height (27.50”)
  • Closet height (34”) Accessible: yes
  • Shower handrail height (36”)
  • Desk height (32”) top (27”) bottom
  • Bathroom door width (30”)
  • Toilet height (17.50”)
  • Toilet handrail height (33”)
  • Shower tub: yes
  • Sink height (35”) top (28”) bottom
  • Bathroom emergency phone: no

We also toured accessible Room #1409. This room provides a roll-in shower.

Every room in the hotel offers text messaging the Marriott Springfield Downtown’s office through Zingle.

The lobby features a Marriott members’ lounge. The lobby bar is accessible at 33 inches high.

Marriott Springfield Downtown boasts 13 conference rooms. Accessible washrooms are located in the conference area. We toured the Green Room conference room, which includes a telephone and a washroom, plus a shower.

The hotel offers both an indoor accessible swimming pool with an ADA lift and a large fitness area. There is an accessible washroom outside the pool and fitness areas.


Marriott Springfield Downtown in Springfield, Massachusetts rates a nine and a half out of ten for accessibility. The rooms are medium-sized; the bathrooms are large. The hotel offers great outdoor terraces. It was just renovated in 2022. The hotel is 26 miles from the University of Massachusetts campus.


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