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Address: 168 College Avenue
Orono, ME 04469
Phone: (207) 581-1865

The University of Maine community calls itself Hearty and describes itself as Black Bear Nation. Founded in 1865, the University of Maine is a land, sea and space grant public institution. Located along the banks of the Stillwater River, this lively university boasts teaching, research and outreach missions, offering nearly 100 majors, minors and academic programs, with interdisciplinary studies encouraged.

The tour, somewhat limited by Covid 19 included seeing some buildings only from the outside. The following buildings were viewed:
Heritage House, an older house, is the admissions building. The building does not offer power accessible doors. At the time of visit the building was closed.

Richard R. and Anne A Collins Center for the Arts
This venue offers a theater and a museum. The building is accessible via push button power doors, and has elevators, ramps and accessible wash rooms. There are three floors plus the basement.

The Museum in the Collins Center is the Hudson Museum, located on the second floor, and accessible via elevator or by ramp.
The art work is very diverse, ranging from earlier Maine settlers including Native Americans and Eskimos. Among the artifacts are pottery, tools, baskets, clothing, and kayaks, plus some early statues, from South America.

The third floor of this building is used for the theater, along with being a place where presentations are given.

Class of 1944 Building
This building offers a push button accessible front door. The side door is not power accessible. There is one main elevator which connects all three floors. Washrooms are accessible though do not offers power doors.

Departments within Class of 1944 Building
First Floor
Choral rehearsal rooms
Costume Studio
Makeup & Dressing Rooms

Second Floor
Scenic Studio
Black Box Theater
Dance Studio

Third Floor
Design Lab

Memorial Union
This is the Student Center, which houses a pack and ship, along with a post office. A credit union, the campus book store, the Bear’s Den cafe and pub, and Student life are found in this building. Entrances provide push button accessible doors, and an elevator connects all floors. Ramps are used in the front entrance of the building and on the lower level. Accessible wash rooms are offered throughout.

Folger Library
This library is accessible throughout, offering push button power doors, and accessible washrooms. All floors are connected via elevator. Sections of this library were built in 1941. The building is accessible on two sides, the older section offers a ramp entrance. At the time of the tour, the library was closed.

Lord Hall
This building, housing the Department of Art & Lord Hall Gallery, offers two up front accessible parking spots.
The front door is push button power accessible. There are accessible washrooms on each of the three floors.
An elevator connects all of the floors including the basement. Art classes range from studio art to graphic design.

Aubert Hall
Houses the Chemistry Department and the School of Marine Science. The building offers a ramp entrance and push button accessible front doors. An elevator connects all four floors and accessible washrooms are available.

Memorial Gym & New Balance Field House
There are two accessible parking spots in front of the Memorial Gym. Accessible parking spots are also available in front of New Balance Field House. Memorial Gym houses a basketball court and Wallace Pool. Memorial Gym, offers a front push-button accessible entrance. There is also a rear push-button entrance and accessible parking lot. The basketball court upper tiers, are not accessible for a wheel chair user. One can be court side, however, through the first-floor entrance. New Balance Field House, offers a state-of-the-art track and indoor area.

Mahaney Diamond
This baseball park offers accessible bleachers, via a ramp, offering a great view of home plate.

Harold Alfond Sports Stadium
This stadium offers a football field and a track. Accessible seating is available on the lower tier of the bleachers. One can conveniently access the ramp to the bleachers, via the accessible parking spots.

Murray Hall
Murray Hall, is the school of Biology and Ecology. The front entrance is accessible via a ramp with parallel bars. The building offers push button accessible entrance.


The University of Maine campus rates a seven and a half, for accessibility. The majority of the campus is flat. There are a number of older building on the campus which are not very accessible, though there are some newer ones such as the Alumni Center.


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