Courtyard Marriott

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3815 US Route 1 Mapleton Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 716-9100


Individual room reservations

Group Reservations of 5 or more rooms

A boutique hotel, totally suitable for prospective students and business travelers  within a 10-minute drive of Princeton University and Palmer Stadium.

Approaching the hotel a visitor finds 4 upfront accessible parking, spots, plus accessible curb cuts front and rear, and 4 rear accessible parking spots.  There are no power doors to the rear, but after a nice curb cut entrance, one finds a front power accessible door,

Inside is a welcoming front desk of 29” accessible  height. Nearby are a coffee shop, cafe, bar, and restaurant. Also on the first floor, is an accessible wash room, which does not offer a power door, but does have accessible toilet height 18”, hand rails 33”, and sink 34”.

Also available is an accessible office area, with computer desk height of 28.50”. The hotel offers a conference room which is 782 square feet. Other amenities include,  refrigerators in rooms, an accessible pool, which includes a lift, plus a fitness area. Two elevators, one on each side of the hotel are provided.

Out of a total of 154 rooms, 12 are accessible,  2 of which have roll-in showers. Some accessible rooms offer a interior door connecting to an adjacent room.

Toured accessible room # 151 offers an accessible peep hole in door.

Areas of Access/Measurements/Most, Bottom of a fixture to Ground (inches):

Detailed measurements of room #151:

  • Bed height 25”
  • Night table height 21.50”
  • Room desk height 30”
  • Accessible closet, rail height 45”
  • Bathroom measurements room #151:
  • Toilet height 17.50”
  • Toilet hand rail height 33”

This room provides  a tub with a shower, plus shower wand, with shower hand rail height 34”. Shower chair can be arranged upon request. There is an additional sink outside the bathroom.

Hearing impaired rooms are available, plus Brail signage is offered throughout the hotel.

Another accessible room toured,  #165, has a roll-in shower, but no hand rails.

Other bathroom measurements in #165:

  • Sink height 34”, plus a sink exterior to bathroom.
  • Toilet height 17.50”
  • Toilet hand rail height 36”
  • An accessible closet is offered, height 45”.
  • Room desk height 30
  • Bed height 27”
  • Bed side table height 21.50”


The Courtyard Marriott, Princeton, rates an eight and a half out of ten. The staff is friendly and helpful, while the hotel is clean and accessible.


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